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-Tebal kad 310gsm
-Saiz kad (L) 5.25inci (T)7.25inci
-Kad jenis glossy depan belakang dan boleh ditulis menggunakan whiteboard pen marker.
-Free whiteboard marker & 3 buku aktiviti


-Saiz A5 31x34cm
-Ketebalan kad ialah 260 gsm
-Boleh stand di atas meja seperti kalendar
-Ringan dan boleh dibawa kemana sahaja 
-Boleh tulis padam dan sangat berwarna warni 


-Provide bite-sized information that makes it easy for children to learn and remember.

-Versatile and multi-functional. This contents can be used in diverse ways to suit the different learning styles of children. The cards can function as games and quizzes to make learning simple and fun.

-The great resource for interactive learning. Children become actively involved when they get excited and shout out their answers as the questions are posed to them

-Brightly colored with beautifully illustrated and will attract children attention.



Also included in the pack are comprehensive hints and tips for parents and ideas for fun games to play, as well as 30 motivational stickers.


It is ideal for building reading confidence and using alongside the Key Words with Peter and Jane reading books.


Baby can only see black and white objects, you can use this 1st set of black & white cards to stimulate baby’s visual and brain development.


Ekspres Bacaan Asas Bahasa Malaysia ini direka khas berlandaskan kemahiran mengenal huruf, menyebut suku kata dan membaca dalam masa 50 jam dan kurang. 


Help children master key strategies and skills, the Disney School Skills workbook series is a powerful learning tool designed to help children succeed.


Through the baby hands-on practical ability to shape and spatial structure of the correct identification, improve the baby's cognitive ability, shape the correct ability to arrange


IDEAL GIFT FOR KIDS 2 YEAR OLD AND UP: This educational learning toy is designed for preschoolers to develop hand-eye coordination ability, hand flexibility, cognitive ability, memory, concentration and mentality.

SUPERIOR QUALITY AND SAFE MATERIAL: All pieces in this button art are made of premium quality harmless and safe ABS plastic for children, which are also sturdy and durable.